Weber Industrial Co. is based in Taiwan and has 20 years experience in the electronic and communication industry.
We’ve specialized in innovation and value-added of QRcall Pager and traditional products, which means to do valued-added on function, patent, brand and chain for traditional products.
The fields involve internet of things, APP and clouds. Weber mainly provides ODM, OEM and OBM service to clients.

Our product line includes a series of Pagers, Network calling system, Network ticket dispensing system, E-control, Special application DVR, WBcall…etc.
Now these systems have been widely applied in various industries. They help to promote stores and companies’ image by improving service quality and efficiency, thus increase competitiveness.

Owing to the strong sense of mission for communication industry and in response to market demand, we have continuously devoted to product development, research and sale.
Fortunately, our products have been well-received and welcomed by the markets as a result of quality insistence. To face more intense competition and challenge in future markets, Weber will provide you better products and service to create a win-win situation.
萬博實業在電子與通信產業領域已有20年經驗,專門從事 QRcall 呼叫器及傳統產品之創新加值。

POS / 監視 / 叫號燈 / 震叫器 / 取餐呼叫器 / 取票機 / POSDVR

錢都錄 / 卡都錄 / 器都錄       電子發票 / 電子支付      人臉辨識 / 考勤